Sunday, 1 September 2013

Back from Vacation!!

I want to specially thank God for the grace to embark on an educational project for children around my neighbourhood. It was more of a charity work! Yes that was the reason why I didn't have time to write on my lovely blog!! I don't want to bore you much with my vacation story but I learnt a lot from the experience and really can't wait to share it with you.

I planned my vacations anytime my children are on long vacation from school and travel with them but I choose to make them improve on their school work and not play away their vacation this time. I thought of hiring a private teacher to come to my home and teach them!! Then the Spirit of God my (Divine Director) ministered to me in the cool of the night while I was on my bed, to speak to parents that want to engage their wards for private lessons to use my place as a central point while the kids are taught different subjects by different teachers at a reduced cost!! I obeyed the leading of God and went on to tell parents about the idea in my neighbourhood and they showed great interest and signed up their kids and the journey began!

I must say that it was easy to accomplish this task through the help of God and partnership with some group of teachers who were also on holiday because of the long vacation in schools!! The experience made me appreciate teachers! If you are not a teacher, you won't appreciate them until you start teaching children from different backgrounds and behaviours. Only then will you begin to appreciate them better. At times even shouting on these kids don't make any difference but using cane to tame them for a while and when you are out of sight, they carry on forgetting they were just beaten some seconds ago. It was hectic but the kids became better and didn't want to stop coming because they were enjoying themselves learning and making new friends!

I must confess that at a point, I was tired of the noise and shouts at my place by these kids but as time went on, I started enjoying all the activities because parents were recommending it to other parents that have not heard about the holiday classes and their numbers increased to a point we made more sits available. When God is in control of a project, He ensures that you are not disappointed when carrying out the project!!

Towards the end of the classes, more parents were bringing in their kids but we turn them down because they came quite late and holiday will soon be over while our children will be back to school in their new classes.

I realised that I'm not the only one that want my children to do well in their studies but most or all parents want their kids to do well in their studies. Every parent have a great role to play in regard to the education of their children! Listen my friend, not just sending them to the best schools but do you have time to check their books and help them in their homework?? Or are you so busy that your maid, cook or security guard do their homework for them! Lol...
It will be a big disaster if we do not bring up these children well and God will definitely blame us if we fail in this task of good parental upbringing.
My vacation was indeed eventful and I thank God for the grace to take care of so many children. I think I'm beginning to discover somethings about myself! Time will definitely tell!! Cheers........

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Fears!!

While growing up I used to be so scared of mice that I could not stand seeing a rat running in front of me. Peradventure it happens, just forget me! I will run away from that environment and you will have to beg me to come back. But now, when I see it, I will look for anything to kill it! I think I overcame the phobia from mice now and I must tell you that I’m glad about it. Supposing I’m still scared about mice then what will I tell my children today? That mummy is scared of rat and can’t defend them? No way!
I noticed that if you have a phobia, you probably realize that your fear is unreasonable, yet you still can’t control your feelings. Just thinking about the feared object or situation may make you anxious. And when you’re actually exposed to the thing you fear, the terror is automatic and overwhelming.
Having a phobia doesn’t mean you’re crazy! It also helps to know that phobias are highly treatable. You can overcome your anxiety and fear, no matter how out of control it feels.
Through repeated experiences facing your fear, you’ll begin to realize that the worst isn’t going to happen; you’re not going to die or “lose it”. With each exposure, you’ll feel more confident and in control. The phobia begins to lose its power.