Wednesday, 15 May 2013

When to Stay or Walk away!

When I was quite young, I admired doctors especially the young ones. But I couldn't stand hospital environment or drugs! Many thanks to JAMB because I ended up reading another course. I'm definitely grateful to God because that was not HIS plan and purpose for my life.

I made a lot of decisions in my life that if it were not for GOD, the rest is history!!

I love venturing into so many things especially if it will generate money for me. Look!! I'm not greedy or worship money! So don't castigate me please!! I'm a business minded person and desire to be rich to help people around me and comfortably pay my bills. But if you don't want to be rich, you can stay poor! It your choice.

Last year, I ventured into a networking business. A friend introduced me to the business. At the beginning of the business I was enjoying it because I was making some little cash! The business was about bringing people to join and when I exhausted inviting people, I was not getting anything again. In the cause of doing the business I experienced financial drain! I remember not seeking the face of God before starting, it was the biggest mistake I made because I was in a haste to make money!

I kept on doing the business because my upline kept encouraging me and telling me that I will make it!! For where? One night in my bathroom I was very depressed because of the business and the spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said "cheer up and walk away from the business"!! I said, with all the money I have invested into it?? That night, I had a peaceful sleep and when I woke up the next day, I knew the business was over!!

Note that I’m not telling you to become a quitter or walk away if your business don’t work out instead of trying to fix them – not at all. Of course you should try. Satisfy your conscience that you’ve put in your best, and then let it go. Simple.
So, if it’s not working, if it’s causing you more grief than it’s giving you happiness, if your safety is being compromised and you cannot fix it regardless of how hard you’ve tried, simply walk away! Serious!!!

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